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When Positive Thinking Causes Unnecessary Stress

According to behavior blog Psychology Today, the culture of positive thinking creates a lot of undue stress by making us think that every negative situation must be turned into a positive situation. Avoiding "good" and "bad" label...more

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President Barack Obama - Fact Sheet for the Arts

Our nation’s creativity has filled the world’s libraries, museums, recital halls, movie houses, and marketplaces with works of genius. The arts embody the American spirit of self-definition. As the author of two best-selling books –...more

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Third Day of NPAC Caucuses

Welcome back to the third day of the NPAC Caucuses! Under the guidance of AmericaSpeaks, we are following Jim Collins’ advice, taking a disciplined approach to identifying common goals and a clear vision of a vital performing arts community. ...more

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Radical Ideas from Beyond the Border

Radical Ideas from Beyond the Border Friday, June 13, 1:30pm-3:00pm Celebrate the innovative work being done in other countries by our speakers. Each one has introduced bold strategies that establish the arts at the center of community life. Me...more

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Assessing the Field's Capacity for Collective Action

Report of the 2008 I-DOC Team The National Performing Arts Convention in Denver was an extraordinary convening, designed specifically to build community and define collective goals for the performing arts field. Through its process, professionals fr...more

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Guiding Principles for Collective Action

Guiding Principles for Collective Action in the Performing Arts The overarching goal of the 2008 National Performing Arts Convention was to increase the capacity of the performing arts sector to act more effectively as a community. This goal was c...more

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Facebook: How the Timesuck Will Save Us All

Trustee Spotlight Facebook: How the Timesuck Destroying the English Language Will Save Us All By Sydney Skybetter   “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”    -- Arthur C. Clarke, Profil...more

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General Advocates Congress on Behalf of the Arts

Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster April 13, 2010  The United States government should start thinking of the arts as a tool, if not exactly a weapon, in the nation's military campaigns and diplomatic initiatives, a recently retired ...more

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Social Media Revolution

Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, OpenSource, and other social media are revolutionizing the way people communicate. This video produced by the author of Socialnomics detai...more

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Technology Projects

From the League of American Orchestras, here are some featured technology projects, including Second Life orchestras, Internet radio (also known as webcasting), and podcasts. Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir (see video below) combines individua...more

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