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It's Time to Either Put Up or Shut Up About Diversity

"A new study released yesterday by the Racial Diversity Collaborative and the Urban Institute points out that 92 percent of national nonprofits headquartered in Washington, DC are led by white executive directors. "It's 2010. By now, we ...more

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Policy Question:Who Should Hire State Arts Agency Directors?

An interesting policy discussion is arising around proposed legislation in California to change the way that the director of the California Arts Council is appointed from a gubernatorial appointment to an appointment made by the Council members, who ...more

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Arena Stage New Play Development Blog - Defining Diversity

In December, 2009 47 representatives from theaters across the United States participated in a convening on "Defining Diversity in New Play Development" hosted by Arena Stage. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss the following: &qu...more

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Board, Chief Executive Play Critical Roles in Creating Diver

"Diverse boards often make better strategic decisions because members can provide varying points of views. "Diversity can also help prevent issues such as group think. Group think is when members avoid supporting alternative views in an...more

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Advocacy Checklist for Organizations

Integrate advocacy into your organizational practice. Remember, communication with elected officials is most effective when it is ongoing, rather than simply during a crisis. Build relationships with elected officials and share with them what your or...more

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New U.S. Census to Reveal Major Shift: No More Joe Consumer

"The 2010 Census is expected to find that 309 million people live in the United States. But one person will be missing: the average American. "'The concept of an 'average American' is gone, probably forever,' demographics expert Peter F...more

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Major Resource & Leader: Performing Arts Alliance

This website is full of great resources for advocacy on the federal level such as information on the issues, tools for taking action, and an easy one-step system for contacting your federal officials about performing arts issues. The Performing Ar...more

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The Institute for DIVERSITY in the ARTS

The Institute for Diversity in the Arts (IDA) is an interdisciplinary program in the humanities that involves students in the study of culture, identity and diversity through artistic expression. Our mission is to engage artists, students and the loc...more

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Beyond the Rainbow: Infusing Your Organization with Diversit

"Diversity, which has its root in social causes such as equality, justice, and cultural harmony, has become a bottom-line issue. Shifts in the global marketplace have made the concept a compelling and challenging change agent. . . '''Without ...more

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American Composers Forum's Diversity Programming

  The American Composer Forum enriches lives by nurturing the creative spirit of composers and communities. They offer a number of programs that harness the power of music and the power of this nation's diversity. Below you will find informat...more

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