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Who gets to define black theater?

 Read Talvin Wilks' thoughtful reflection about the history of black theater in America:  The Tradition of Defining a Tradition which kicked off a week of blog posts about theater & communities of color on n HowlRound, a jour...more

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New Publishing Model for New Music

Attention Composers, Orchestras, Theaters, Dance Companies, Opera Houses, Presenters, & anyone interested in new music: Check out ScoreStreet, an online subscription-based publishing service that allows composers to retain full ownershi...more

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Mark Ravenhill's Speech

Mark Ravenhill challenged performing artists in a provocative speech at the opening of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. While he references current British economics & politics, the details are not all that different from realities for artists in t...more

advocacy   artists   Aug 5, 2013 • Views:13365 • Comments: 0


SPHINXCON: Diversity in the Arts

Diversity was identified at NPAC in 2008 as a priority for the performing arts to tackle together. All these years later, it continues to be a crucial but thorny area for the field: progress is both imperative & elusive. Check out SphinxCon ...more

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"What 'Latino Art' Means"

Can a critic take criticism?  Washington Post critic Philip Kennicott took the rare step of offering a platform to artist Alex Rivera to who took issue when Kennicott disparaged the idea of "Latino art" as a category. Read their...more

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Talking to David White

David White (Photo by Peter Simon) Donna Uchizono...was getting a Master’s and writing about the period of time in which she came of age as a choreographer in New York, which was in the 80’s. She was asking a lot of people what they t...more

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Taylor Mac's Manifesto

Some time ago we posted an interview with Taylor Mac, which was deservedly popular. So here is a manifesto Mac delivered at the 2013 Under the Radar Festival. Enjoy. Read it: I Believe: A Manifesto by Taylor Mac Watch it: Taylor...more

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Arts & Culture: Big Economic Impact

Art for art's sake or art for society's sake? Whichever argument you prefer, a new study - the first of it's kind - shows that art & culture are big contributors to the U.S. economy. As the federal government reported:  "The...more

advocacy   Dec 8, 2013 • Views:20091 • Comments: 0


Diversity & Multiculturalism In A Global Context

  On SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, 2014 at the Under The Radar Festival, Culturebot hosted a discussion of the past, present and future of multiculturalism in a "global" world. How are different countries addressing issues of diversity whi...more

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This Performance Subsidized By Sweat Equity

  <header id="articleHeader" data-300="top:-25px;" data-200="top:0px;" data-0="top:0px;" class="small-12 columns skrollable skrollable-after stuck" style="top: -25px;"> This Performance Subsidized By Sweat Equity ...more

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