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Featured Artist: Fusebox Festival

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Featured Artists: KarmetiK Machine Orchestra

Update: Machine Orchestra in the media: CNET, "Robot orchestra to rock world music in L.A." Global music forms meet the digital surge of the 21st century as the KarmetiK Machine Orchestra, directed by Ajay Kapur, convenes international...more

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Anna Halprin Documentary: Breath Made Visible

For the last seven decades, Anna Halprin, the American dance pioneer, has redefined our notions of modern art by exploring one question in her work: What is important in life? The search for that answer has ushered in such revolutionary experimentati...more

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Sxip Shirey's Fractured Sonic Fairy Tales

If you haven't experienced one of the many live incarnations of mulit-instrumentalist/folk/punk/circus ringmaster Sxip Shirey, find the nearest city he's performing in and go.  Here's a great interview with him from the New Music Box web magazin...more

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Dancing Dreams: Pina Bausch On Film

A new documentary featuring the work of Pina Bausch is slowly starting to trickle onto screens in the US. A sensation at the 2010 Berlin Film Festival, in Dancing Dreams Bausch selects 40 teenagers who had never even heard of her to be part of the ...more

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In Print: Big Art Group and Nature Theater of Oklahoma

The latest issue of the Yale Theater Journal features texts from two of the country's most dynamic theater groups, Big Art Group and Nature Theater of Oklahoma.  Included is Big Art's SOS, and Nature Theater's Romeo and Juliet.  This issue ...more

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Expand Your Brain With the Archigram Archive

The Archigram Archival Project makes the work of the seminal architectural group Archigram available free online for public viewing and academic study. The project was run by EXP, an architectural research group at the University of Westminster. ...more

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Dance Capsule: Continuing Merce Cunningham's Dance Legacy

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a project to notate and preserve the theatrical dance legacy of Merce Cunningham.  It was decided that the Merce Cunningham Dance Company would disband two years after Cunningham's death and they are ...more

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All the Plays of Charles Mee In Your Pocket

How many songs do you have in your iPod?  How about play scripts by contemporary American authors?  A few weeks ago playwright Charles Mee released his entire collection of plays as a free app for the iPhone/Pod/Pad. Using an app to pro...more

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Anne Bogart: Making American Document

The Clyde Fitch Report recently ran an interview with director and educator extraordinaire Anne Bogart on her recent collaboration with the Martha Graham Dance Company.  Bogart, SITI Company, along with playwright Charles Mee, collaborated ...more

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