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RISD sparks dialogue on arts and tech

CreativeMornings hosts free monthly lectures on all things “creative” in twenty-nine cities throughout the United States.  In June, the organization is partnering with the Rhode Island School of Design to develop a unified conversati...more

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Social Bro

  Journalists, public relations managers, marketing staffers, and anyone who tweets regularly knows that sending out 140-character messages is the easy part. Managing the flow of information from Twitter is not. SocialBro is a Twitter...more

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NEA grants support arts research

 For the first time ever, the National Endowment for the Arts will award grant funding for research projects that investigate the value and impact of the arts in the United States.  Grantees are from 11 states and the awards range from $10,...more

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York City students rally to save arts education

When they heard that school arts programming was being eliminated due to budget cuts, students from York City School District decided to take action.  Visit the Arts Education Blog at Americans for the Arts to watch this inspiring video of stude...more

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New US ED art education grant opportunity open!

 The United States Department of Education has announced a new grant opportunity through the Arts in Education National Program.  Visit to get more information about the award and application process:

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AFTA webinars

 Americans for the Arts offers a series of webinars that work to interpret and explain how the field of art education is shaped by a variety of influences, including citizens, students, parents, arts organizations, policy makers, and government ...more

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NEA-Brookings Institution symposium on arts and economy

The Brookings Institution and National Endowment for the Arts recently partnered to present a symposium exploring the connections between innovation and the arts and economic development.  Video excerpts from the symposium, as well as PowerPoint...more

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SNAAP reports on the status of arts graduates

Strategic National Arts Alumni Project released a report on the status of American graduates holding arts degrees.  Findings indicate that arts graduates are satisfied with their careers and are provided with the opportunity to explore a diverse...more

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In Europe, Where Art is Life

"In Europe, Where Art is Life, Ax Falls on Public Financing" by Larry Rohter The New York Times March 24, 2012 "European governments are cutting their support for culture, and American arts lovers are starting to feel the res...more

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Visit Your Elected Officials!

 Visit Your Federal Elected Officials! Tips from the Performing Arts Alliance In the next couple of weeks, Congress will adjourn for its annual summer recess. Representatives and Senators will be in their home districts and states August 4 th...more

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