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What is the Theatre Industry Doing to Reach Black Audiences?

  "Black Audiences Should Feel Included Rather than Targeted: What Is the Theatre Industry Doing to Reach Them?" by Tamika Sayles Black Voices Pop Culture The Huffington Post August 5, 2012     "T...more

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How America GIves

A new Chronicle of Philanthropy study that charts giving patterns in every state, city, and ZIP code shows some surprising results. Check out the cool interactive tool to see the giving patterns in your neighborhood! Some highlights of the finding...more

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Romney would Eliminate NEA Funding

 Mitt Romney Tells Fortune Magazine that he Would Eliminate the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Arts:  "Fortune: You've promised to cap government spending at 20% of GDP. Specifically where will you cut? Mitt Romney:&n...more

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Adding Arts to STEM Education

A strong case for adding the Arts to STEM education from Steven Ross Pomeroy, assistant editor for Real Clear Science Scientific American Blog: From STEM to STEAM: Science and Art Go Hand-in-Hand "In the wake of the recent recession, ...more

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2012 AEP National Forum

Don’t forget to register for the 2012 Arts Education Partnership National Forum: Arts Learning Without Borders! Visit AEP’s website to register online and learn more about conference programming:

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SEADAE report

The State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education has published a white paper that outlines the roles of key arts specialists in providing quality K-12 arts education to all students. In addressing issues of responsibility clearly and direc...more

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Grants available from P. Buckley Moss Foundation

Grants are available from the P. Buckley Moss Foundation to support programs that utilize arts integration to inform alternative teaching strategies for students who learn in different ways. The deadline to submit a proposal is September 30th, 2...more

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The Art Consortium

The Art Consortium, an international think tank started by Laurie Winters, will be launched this fall. The organization will bring together major thinkers in the art world to develop creative solutions to contemporary issues faced by museums.&nb...more

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NC requires teacher training in arts integration

North Carolina Democratic Governor Bev Purdue recently signed a bill that includes a requirement that elementary teacher-prep programs educate their students on effective arts integration. As arts integration movements gain more and more attenti...more

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Portland Mayor proposes “Arts Education Tax”

Portland, Oregon Mayor Sam Adams has proposed an “arts education tax,” a $35-per-year income tax that would impact all adult residents living above the poverty line. As arts education faces increasing budget cuts, this tax would work...more

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