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Arts in a Changing America

Check out the Arts in a Changing America blog! Read it, post to it, be a part of the conversation on art in world that is changing fast. From the site:  "We are a community of writers and cultural practitioners documenting the story...more

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Race & Representation

 Victory Gardens Theater, The League of Chicago Theatres, Silk Road Rising and Lifeline Theatre are collaborating on a conversation series, Race &Representation in Chicago Theater, to discuss the issues of race & representation in Ch...more

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The Pew Research Center Report on Arts & Technology

"Cultural organizations like theater companies, orchestras, & art museums are using the internet, social media, & mobile apps to draw in & engage audiences, provide deeper context around art, & disseminate their work beyond the s...more

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Conductor James DePriest, Leaves a Legacy

The Conductor James DePriest died on February 8 in Scottsdale, Arizona at age 76, leaving behind a long legacy of accomplishments in music. To do so, he had to defy a number of prejudices. Mr. DePriest broke boundaries as a world class class...more

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The Trouble with February

In the February 2013 issue of American Theatre Magazine, Teresa Eyring, executive director of Theatre Communications Group and longtime chair of the National Performing Arts Convention, reflects on Black History Month and its relationship to diversit...more

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The Makeup of Taylor Mac

An interview with performer Taylor Mac posted here some time ago generated a lot of interest. Here's a follow-up visit, backstage before a performance of The Good Person of Szechuan, a Foundry Theater production at La Mama in NY. Watch Taylor Mac put...more

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Google Chrome Extenstions

Must Have Extensions For Google Chrome   First of all, if you’re not using Google Chrome, you should be. It’s top rated on every important browsing feature, including security, ease of use, and speed & compatibility. ht...more

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Critics vs Reviewers

In The Illumination Business: Why drama critics must look at and look after the theater in the Winter 2013 Nieman Reports, New Yorker drama critic John Lahr differentiates between reviewers (consumer advice = bad) and critics (thoughtful reflection&n...more

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Eric Booth has long been a powerhouse in arts education, a catalyst, a visionary, and a welcome leader at conferences and training sessions for all of the performing arts. And now he has a website! Visit for easy access to Eric's wri...more

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Marian Godfrey's Manifesto

Thoughtful reflections on art & how it gets supported in the U.S. these days: Marian Godfrey, longtime director of Cultural Initiatives for the Pew Charitable Trusts in Philadelphia, and now cultural advisor to the Berkshire Taconic Community...more

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