The National Performing Arts Convention (NPAC) is a collaboration across all disciplines to take action together in to build a better future for and with the performing arts.

NPAC’s constituency brings together all of the performing arts and represents a universe of diverse artistic enterprises with a combined annual operating budget of more than $5 billion, employing over 100,000 artists and administrator and creating arts experiences for millions of people annually. While the economic impact of this industry is tremendous, the sector's importance as steward of our nation's cultural richness, source of artistic expression and provider of lifelong educational services is even greater.

At the 2008 National Performing Arts Convention gathering in Denver, almost 4,000 members of the performing arts community met in a series of caucuses and in a Town Hall session and identified five priority areas which all of the performing arts must take action on together: Advocacy, Artists, Arts Education, Diversity and Technology.

NPAC’s ongoing work, including this website, is to address those priority areas - together - to build a better future for the performing arts in America.