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Advocacy 101 for Individuals

Advocacy 101 for Individuals   You have the right—and the responsibility—to participate in the legislative process. NPAC hopes to empower arts supporters to become advocates for arts-friendly policies and more widespread support fo...more

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Advocacy Overview for Organizations

Your organization has the right—and the responsibility—to participate in the legislative process. And while a number of arts advocacy organizations are working on behalf of your organization, it is important for arts and culture organizat...more

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Advocacy Checklist for Organizations

Integrate advocacy into your organizational practice. Remember, communication with elected officials is most effective when it is ongoing, rather than simply during a crisis. Build relationships with elected officials and share with them what your or...more

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Crafting Messages that Stick

Stanford Professor of Organizational Behavior Chip Heath has pursued an intriguing line of research in his work exploring what makes ideas stick and how the “stickiness” of urban legends can be instructive in this arena.   The...more

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Be An Arts Advocate!

Student Advocates for the Arts is a group of students from the Master's of Arts Administration program at Teachers College. They've created this wonderful new video. I know a number of these terrific new students and it's particularly inspiring to se...more

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Business Guest Blogs on Arts Ed Alliance Website

In an easy-to-replicate example of outreach and relationship building with the business community, the California Alliance for Arts Education is featuring a guest blogger on its website--Chris Cochran, the head of Community Affairs for Stone Bre...more

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Congress 101 - from AAM

The American Association of Museums (AAM) has created a rich resource, Congress 101, in the advocacy section of AAM's website. Visit this resource to access tools to keep up with legislative progress, get basic information about House and Senate C...more

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Who the Hell is Mr. St. Pierre?

This entertaining and smart posting by John McLachlan on the Arts Advocacy BC (British Columbia) website makes an important point about expanding our advocacy circles well beyond arts insiders in order to effectively build a large following and ...more

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What 501(c)(3) organizations Can and Cannot Do for Elections

  Toolkit: National Council of Nonprofits’ Election Activities for 501(c)(3) Charities Access the full toolkit, an excellent resource that will empower your organization and help ensure that your activities are within legal...more

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Perspectives from a Grassroots Arts Advocacy Coordinator

Find out what Sara Cederberg, Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator at the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, has to say as someone working full time on grassroots arts advocacy. Sara responds below to some questions from the National Performing ...more

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