A Major Advocacy Resource & Leader: Performing Arts Alliance

Jun 7, 2010

This website is full of great resources for advocacy on the federal level such as information on the issues, tools for taking action, and an easy one-step system for contacting your federal officials about performing arts issues.

The Performing Arts Alliance Advocated and Educates on Issues Important to the Performing Arts, including: 

·        Improving the Visa Process for Foreign Guest Artists
·        Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts
·        Federal Funding for Arts Education
·        Disaster Relief for Performing Arts Organizations
·        Nonprofit Charitable Giving Incentives
·        And Other Issues that Impact the Performing Arts


The Performing Arts Alliance and its member organizations advocate for federal policies that recognize and strengthen the performing arts and educate elected officials and policy makers in Washington, DC on issues of importance to the performing arts community. Federal policies that support the creation, presentation and preservation of the arts are necessary so that our communities can continue to reap the benefits of great live performance.

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Photo: Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company
Repertoire 3: SHE, Dancer: Ms. Ada Liu
Photographer: Ms. Marty Sohl

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