I'll Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down: Barry Hessenius on the Need for the Arts to Develop Political Clout

Feb 9, 2011

"Whatever approach we take, whatever strategy we adopt, whatever we have to do to once again defend the government thread of our funding model (whether local, state or federal), the upcoming fight(s) are again going to suck time, energy, and money from our ever more limited stores.  And the reason we are once again in this sad position is that we simply refuse to develop real political clout. We continue to be reactive  when we should have been, for some time, proactive in anticipatory defense.  We continue to refuse to support individual candidates, run for office ourselves or raise the funds to hire more lobbyists.  Now I fully accept that even with political clout we would likely still have to play this silly game, but WITH political clout it would be an easier war to wage and to win."

 --The February 6, 2011 post on Barry's Blog

Barry Hessenius, a veteran of the culture wars and author of
HARDBALL LOBBYING FOR NONPROFITS: REAL ADVOCACY FOR NONPROFITS IN THE NEW CENTURY goes beyond chalking up the current threats to the NEA 's existence to the political composition of Congress to discuss the failure to date of the arts community to do what it takes to develop real political clout that could be a major stabilizing factor to arts and culture funding.
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