A Political Strategy that Might Shift Some Votes in Favor of Funding Public Broadcasting

Mar 14, 2011

Much is being written about the fate and value of funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds National Public Radio and PBS. This article by Patrick Goldstein and James Rainey of The Los Angeles Times contains a strategy nugget:

"If it comes to a final vote on funding, supporters should at least move to bifurcate the question and have lawmakers vote separately on public support of the troubled mother ship and on public support for local affiliates. I suspect it would be much harder for even budget hard-liners to vote against their local public radio and TV stations."

Agree? Disagree?  Read the full article here.

Meanwhile, Goldstein and Rainey report that Jennifer Ferro, general manager of Santa Monica-based KCRW 89.9 FM was on the Hill in D.C. advocating for continued funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and trying to educate lawmakers about how the station leverages the $1M in federal funds it receives to help secure an additional $13M annually to complete its budget. Bravo for Ferro for making the trip to lobby in person in Washington. She has called for her colleagues to do the same. 

Here is a campaign to save funding for public broadcasting, dubbed 170 Million Americans, which references that more than half of all Americans use public radio and public television each month.

Image: Jennifer Ferro, general manager of KCRW public radio

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