Createquity Round Up of Reactions to the Loss of the Kansas Arts Commission

Jun 6, 2011

Createquity has done an outstanding job compiling responses to Governor Sam Brownbeck of Kansas's elimination of the Kansas Arts Commission. With Republicans holding the vast majority of seats in both houses of the Kansas Legislature it was a particular achievement for the Legislature to override the Governor's previous veto of the Kansas Arts Commission, and a testimony to how valued the arts are and how effective arts advocates have been in this red state. But it was not enough.

Is Governor Brownbeck trying to have a tea party-esque budget slashing achievement to cite in a future national run for office?  Was this move a power play of Governor Brownbeck showing the Kansas legislature who's boss? What is the face of brain drain leaving prairie states like Kansas?

This robust post from Createquity founder Ian David Moss is definitely worth reading, and Createquity is worth subscribing to if you don't already.

Here is the original post on this site about the elimination of the Kansas Arts Commission.

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