Creating Public Value as an Ongoing Commitment and Strategy for Public Arts Funding

Jun 15, 2011

While Mark Moore, professor at Harvard's Kennedy School has never achieved the kind of rockstar status within the cultural community as say, Richard Florida after the release of Rise of the Creative Class, Mark Moore should. Moore is a seminal figure in public policy, and his book Creating Public Value is a must-read for anyone managing and administering public funds for the arts. Moore has conducted a number of workshops with arts groups and has worked with the Wallace Foundation, publishing Creating Public Value Through State Arts Agencies.

Moore's work gives arts leaders working with public funds a useful lens through which to view their work and a powerful framework for strategizing how to increase public value, helping to fulfill mandates to serving the public and building critical support for the arts.

"This is at once the most broadly thoughtful and specifically useful book I've read in the field of public management."
--Hale Champion, Former Undersecretary, U.S. Department of Health, Education, & Welfare

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