Military Bands Continue to Receive More Federal Funds than NEA, Military Sponsors NASCAR for $100M

Oct 20, 2011

Recent news about a potential budget cut to the military bands budget – appropriated at $320 Million, almost twice the NEA’s $168 Million 2011 appropriation – reminded me of the Culture Wars in the late 80s, when arts advocates sometimes cited the fact that military bands alone receive more federal funding than the National Endowment for the Arts as a benchmark of how inadequately the NEA is funded. Fast forward to today, and the same disparity in federal funding holds true.
Here is a Slate piece on this topic, which benchmarks the Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding to some military funding, including a $100 million sponsorship of NASCAR.
This is one of those posts where we shake our heads and wonder about the country’s priorities…but better to be informed than not.

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