Football Stadium Supporters try to Raid Minnesota Legacy Funds

Nov 3, 2011

First Minnesota Citizens for the Arts and arts advocates throughout Minnesota strategically built relationships with legislators by working on campaigns and being involved at the grassroots level.
Then they strategically partnered with Minnesota’s popular outdoor and recreational interest to pass the Legacy Fund in 2008.
Now they must protect those funds from being raided by legislators to help fund the Minnesota Vikings football stadium, which is definitely outside of the spirit of the Legacy Fund as it was promoted to voters and supported by voters. Here is the link to the Action Alert to oppose this move.

The issue is not about sports versus arts, and many Minnesotans are both avid participants in both sports and the arts. The issue is about legislative intent, and what voters believed they were voting for in 2008.
A key point in the opposition Action Alert is “It is clear that the legislative intent of the Fund is to support Minnesota’s arts and history. No where in that debate, nor in the constitution itself, is there language that says these funds can be used to pay for-profit stadium. Legislative intent is very clear on this matter.”
Take action today and oppose raiding of the Legacy Fund of Minnesota for a for-profit stadium, and let friends and colleagues in Minnesota know about this issue.

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