Is it Time to Write a Manifesto?

Jan 20, 2012


Manifesto. The word itself makes the blood run faster, the heart beat louder.


Should your advocacy organization or effort write a manifesto?  Here are some potential benefits
of doing so:


A manifesto can help build momentum for advocacy efforts as a bold statement of the group’s intentions and beliefs. The process of creating a manifesto can be energizing for arts advocates in the enduring struggle for funding, as well as for other arts causes.


Sample manifestos for inspiration:


Manifesto of the Europe-wide arts advocacy campaign ‘we are more’


Investing in the arts from kindergarten to old age builds societies that are
creative, innovative, democratic and diverse.


Right Brain Initiative – Arts Education Manifesto


Brains come with two sides for a reason. They need each other. They fill in each other’s blanks. One is messy by plan. The other regimented. One is linear. The other bounces off walls. One reasons. The other feels. But what happens when they work together is magical. Magical enough to make kids connect, achieve, aspire, succeed. In a future that will require the full measure of our thinking, it’s no time to leave kids half-interested, half-motivated, half-engaged, half-ready.


Check out the Right Brain Initiative to learn about their ambitious arts education intitiative and to see their well-designed, compelling website.



The Well-Known Memphis Manifesto from the early days of Creative Class Movement Memphis Manifesto.pdf


Remove barriers to creativity, such as mediocrity, intolerance, disconnectedness, sprawl, poverty, bad schools, exclusivity, and social and environmental degradation.



Image: By unknown artist (Encyclopedia Americana, v. 8, 1918-1920, p. 563) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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