Great Arts Advocacy Resource in Psychology Today

Apr 10, 2012

Who knew that Psychology Today, the magazine for laypeople on psychology topics, includes a resource for arts advocacy? I recently discovered Imagine That! a blog within the Psychology Today website that is devoted to topics around creativity and the arts and is managed by a spouses Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein (who possess fascinating professional backgrounds that are described here.)

The blog is not only a great read, but it includes information and research-backed statistics that are of great use to arts advocates. For example, in this piece Arts and Crafts: Keys to Scientific Creativity, the Root-Bernstein's share their research findings that very successful scientists--The Nobel laureates and National Academy members in their study--were much more likely to have avocational involvement in the artsthan their less successful colleagues and to believe that knowledge of the arts was essential being an educated scientist. Artsmarts: Why Cutting Arts Funding Is Not a Good Idea provides more related information on this research.

In the Economic Stimulus: Hobbling Arts Hobbles Innovation, the Root-Bernstein's examine what would be missing if we got rid of all of the science and technology that the arts have made possible, making links to camouflage, cell phones, PDA's and electronic screens. Because the Root-Bernstein's have training in the history of science, they draw on examples throughout their blog that are perhaps less commonly known to arts advocates and that provide some fresh perspectives and fodder.

The authors' research interests, including the imaginary worlds of childhood, result in posts on fresh and interesting topics. A piece on collecting in childhood raises a number of interesting points about imagination and pattern recognition.

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Image: Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein, from the Psychology Today website.

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