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President Barack Obama - Fact Sheet for the Arts

Our nation’s creativity has filled the world’s libraries, museums, recital halls, movie houses, and marketplaces with works of genius. The arts embody the American spirit of self-definition. As the author of two best-selling books –...more

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Third Day of NPAC Caucuses

Welcome back to the third day of the NPAC Caucuses! Under the guidance of AmericaSpeaks, we are following Jim Collins’ advice, taking a disciplined approach to identifying common goals and a clear vision of a vital performing arts community. ...more

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Assessing the Field's Capacity for Collective Action

Report of the 2008 I-DOC Team The National Performing Arts Convention in Denver was an extraordinary convening, designed specifically to build community and define collective goals for the performing arts field. Through its process, professionals fr...more

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Guiding Principles for Collective Action

Guiding Principles for Collective Action in the Performing Arts The overarching goal of the 2008 National Performing Arts Convention was to increase the capacity of the performing arts sector to act more effectively as a community. This goal was c...more

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General Advocates Congress on Behalf of the Arts

Los Angeles Times - Culture Monster April 13, 2010  The United States government should start thinking of the arts as a tool, if not exactly a weapon, in the nation's military campaigns and diplomatic initiatives, a recently retired ...more

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Bill Ivey's Demos Essay on Expressive Lives

A thought-provoking must read for arts advocates. In his 2009 essay for the London-based think tank Demos, former National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Bill Ivey asserts that framing the arts as a pathway to enabling Americans&rsquo...more

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Useful Quotes for Arts Advocates

Newly updated in Spring 2012   PDF of Useful Quotes for Arts Advocates Advocacy Tip: A quote from an elected official representing your district or your community’s mayor, or a local business leader can be a smart, effecti...more

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Beyond Economic Impact Studies

Economic impact studies can be an important tool for arts advocates and have been effective in convincing some policymakers and community members about the value of arts and culture as an industry and employer. However, after some 25 years ...more

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Advocacy 101 for Individuals

Advocacy 101 for Individuals   You have the right—and the responsibility—to participate in the legislative process. NPAC hopes to empower arts supporters to become advocates for arts-friendly policies and more widespread support fo...more

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Advocacy Overview for Organizations

Your organization has the right—and the responsibility—to participate in the legislative process. And while a number of arts advocacy organizations are working on behalf of your organization, it is important for arts and culture organizat...more

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