Moo Cards: Your Portfolio On A Business Card

Jun 5, 2010

Although we're in a digital age with portable devices constantly at our sides, business cards still serve an invaluable function.  Sure you can email and "bump" contact info, but there's nothing easier than handing over a card. The next time you're in the market for some cards to represent your work, check out Moo Cards.

Moo allows you to make your business cards mini works of art in themselves. They not only allow you to easily upload your own images, but you can customize each card with a different image.  So instead of having 100 of the same card, each one could be a different image from your portfolio of work.

Their online tools for uploading images and laying out the copy couldn't be easier, and the cards themselves are printed on nice thick paper stock with a matte  finish that feels great in the hand. Their classic card size is a unique dimension that makes your card stand out in a sea of other cards (closer to a stick of chewing gum), but they now offer a more traditional card size as well.

Besides from looking great, because you can have a variety of images on your cards they can also be a mini portfolio that you carry around in your pocket.  And each image can be a different conversation starter about your work.

Title image courtesy of Moo.

If you get some Moo Cards made, shoot us back a comment and let us know what you think of them.  Or, have other tips about marketing yourself that we should know about? Send them to us at

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