RISD's 2010 Artrepreneur Starter Kit

Jun 5, 2010

The idea/reality of the artist being an entrepreneur is especially significant due to the challenges/opportunities of the recent economics crisis, as well as the ever evolving definition of what an art practice even is.  Recently the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) creatively addressed this issue by handing out "Artrepreneur Starter Kits" to it's graduating class of 2010.

RISD president John Maeda came up with the kit, reports design blog Core77, and believes “a new kind of design-led leadership is needed to innovate out of this global economic crisis. Artists and designers can bring their intuitive, creative thinking to a broad array of fields, and become the drivers of economic possibility in our slowed economy."

Featured in the kit is a box of Moo business cards (those delicious little cards recently blogged about here), a subscription to financial advise site everfi.com, and most interestingly, a Square device.  Square is a new service that allows individuals to easily accept payments via credit cards with a small reader that plugs into your smartphone. 

Via Core77

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