Lifehacker's Five Best Personal Web Hosts

Jun 28, 2010

 Along with stylish business cards, an artist website is a necessary tools these days to represent and promote your work.  There are a lot of options for how to establish your online presence, many of them free, but if you choose to go for a full blown website you'll need a good company to host your site. 

There are tons of companies out there that offer a wide range of hosting services, but for a basic artist website with photos and videos you don't need take out a third loan.  For the most part, all companies are going to offer you enough storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and
"99.99%" uptime to take care of your needs.  Price, actual reliability, speed and quality of customer service, ease of use for account management tools, and additional features (Wordpress, email lists, etc.) are the main differentiators to look for.

Lifehacker recently posted the results of a user poll for the five best hosts for personal sites.  At the top of the list: Dreamhost. Apparently Dreamhost also has FREE hosting for non-profits.  Too good to be true?  Try it out and let us know!

Visit the blog to see all five recommendations.  A few that didn't make it to the list but worth considering:

Media Temple - A bit more expensive than the options listed on Lifehacker, but as they say, you get what you pay for. 

Laughing Squid - Well know for catering towards artists and arts/culture types. 

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