The Social Media Bubble

Jul 6, 2010

Devon Smith, nonprofit manager and author of the always interesting "24 Usable Hours: Where Numbers Meets Art" bog, recently posted her thoughts from the Americans for the Arts Half Century Summit about social media related sessions. She presented at the recent conference in Baltimore, as well as at the TCG Conference in Chicago.  Her post begins:
Sometimes I worry that I’ve succomb to the social media bubble. When you spend a lot of time reading, thinking, writing, and talking about social media, and you’ve acquired a handful of friends and colleagues that are doing the same, it can start to seem like the whole world is obsessed. When really, it’s just you. But if that’s the case, then folks at the Americans for the Arts Half Century Summit have also caught the social media bug. In this 2.5 day long conference, there were 5 break out session opportunities. In each, there was one panel focused on the role of social media in the arts. I did a fair amount of session hopping, but tried to catch the meat of presentation & discussions on the topic.
A lot of really fascinating topics covered with plenty of links to interesting resources like the Mattress Factory.  Topics discussed are themed around:
  • * Technology’s Impact on the Future of Traditional Arts Delivery Systems
  • * New Media. Social Media. Interactive Media.
  • * The New Arts Critic
  • * Arts Bloggers
  • * Branding Yourself Through Technology and Social Media
Check out the full posting here.

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