Contemporary Performance's Online Video Festival

Jul 6, 2010

The Contemporary Performance blog continues to develop as an excellent resource for those interested in the international contemporary performance scene. Last week they concluded their two week "Online Video Festival" where they curated some of their favorite online video clips.

The clips are varying degrees of production and editing quality.  Some are deliberately and beautifully shot for the camera, whereas some are clearly rehearsal footage or casual documentation.  And having seen some of these artists, I would even argue that the clips poorly represent the work.  But either way, there has always been a fear of documentation in the performing arts (especially the theater) so it's great that more clips from these impressive artists are making it online and freely accessible. 

Dialog and the sharing of ideas is essential to all forms of innovation, performance not withstanding.  The sad truth of the matter is that, with such an anemic domestic and international touring network in the United States, YouTube and Vimeo are the few places where performers and performance lovers can actually discover new work.

Click here to visit the blog and view all the videos.

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