Featured Artist: Arcade Fire's Interactive Music Video

Sep 2, 2010

When completely random people in my life start sending me the same web link I know something viral is spreading across the internet.  Such it the case with The Arcade Fire's latest online effort.  They recently launched a novel interactive website that is an interpretation of a song from their latest album, The Suburbs.  It's hard to pin down what it is, which is what makes it so interesting.  It's a hybrid music video, website, participatory art project, and augmented reality game.  It starts by asking you to enter in the street address of your childhood home and, if there's some Google street view data for that location, away it goes.

Check out the website to see the project, and while you're at it, send a postcard to your childhood self that might also appear in Arcade Fire's next tour.


On the technology side, this project utilizes a lot of new web technologies, including HTML5 (3D, audio, and video rendering), as well as a host of special Google magic.  For some background about the project's collaboration with Google, check out:


And to see a concert video of the featured song, "We Used to Wait",check out the video below:

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