The Frugal Artist: Complete Breakdown of Airline Travel Fees

Sep 28, 2010

These days, looking for deals and saving money is really important.  This is especially true for air travel, where it seems like most airlines companies are putting more effort into inventing new fees rather than improving their service. For artists who travel to tour their work, choosing the right airline can be the difference between loosing money, breaking even, or (gasp) making money while on the road.

Recently NPR ran a story about musicians
Emma Hill and Bryan Daste that took advantage of JetBlue's all-you-can-travel pass to launch a multi-state tour.  As one of the lucky few that snagged one of those passes, they were able to reach audiences in cities that otherwise would have been too costly:

Choosing the cheapest airline can be an entire research job in itself. They each have different policies on baggage allowance, fees, over-sized luggage allowances, musical instruments, etc.  For example, you may be able to find the cheapest tickets on American, but Southwest still allows you to check two suitcases for free.  If you're on tour and hauling your own gear, that can save you hundreds of dollars (it's no wonder Southwest is now NPN's official airline).

There are a lot of online tools to compare and book airline tickets, but USA Today recently published a wonderfully comprehensive breakdown chart of all the major airlines and their various fee policies for luggage, itinerary changes, and in-flight services.
It's a really helpful guide for any artist who is about to ride the friendly skies. It even appears that they are updating the data, but it's always a good idea to reality check the data by going to the airline's official website or calling them directly.

Click here to view the entire chart on the USA Today website.

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