The Artist's Toolbox: Faxing Without a Fax Machine

Oct 5, 2010

Being an independent artist these days means that you are also a small business owner.  In lieu of the office resources offered by something like a coworking space, sending out faxes for things like grant applications can be a time-consuming and costly exercise in bridging the worlds of physical and virtual documents. 

The always informative geek efficiency blog Lifehacker recently ran a survey of it's readers seeking the best of the online fax services.  There are a variety of services out there with different features and pricing structures that can replace some or all steps in the download for/print/sign/scan/walk-to-Kinkos fax ritual.  The services that made the top five:


Which one won the honor of best fax service? Hop on over to the Lifehacker website to find out.  Keep in mind that each service has it's own pros and cons, so check them all out to determine which is best for your faxing needs.

Photo by anomalous4.

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