Announcing The Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance

Oct 19, 2010

Culturebot recently published an interview with Sam Miller about the new program he started at Wesleyan University.  It's called the Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance and it offers a low-residency certificate program for performing arts presenters, managers, curators, and artistic directors. 

It is the first program of it's kind and in the interview he talks about the need for an increased literacy amongst performing arts curators and presenters regarding the issues and history of contemporary dance/performance.
... I’ve always worked with this idea of “How do you encourage presenters to know more and care more about dance and contemporary performance?” What knowledge do they need and what skills do they need?

...As time went on I became concerned that you have these really interesting artists making work and audiences that have an appetite for this work…. but do we have a next generation of future presenters who have the knowledge and skills to respond to the artists’ work? How can presenters connect it to audiences most effectively? So that was my concern – my work over the past number of years has been about that connection between artists and audience and the role presenters play in the development and presentation of the work. The better the presenter is, the better off the artist will be in making that connection.
The program appears to be responding to the new complexities that are arising in expanded notions of performing arts practice, as well as the ongoing integration of the performing arts and visual arts institutions and discourses. From the program's website:
Contemporary performance practice is at a distinct crossroads. The co-existence and cross-pollination of idea- and technique-based performance practice has created a dynamic dialog within the performing arts field. The Internet and other new technologies have created a vast social fabric of interconnectivity and information. Walls between disciplines are increasingly porous, and dance and theater artists find themselves intersecting with the fields of psychology, environmental science, and anthropology, to name a few. This only serves to emphasize that performance is first and foremost a social experience that happens on a person-to-person level, mediated by the communities in which it is made and performed. As we work to understand how performance can function within multiple landscapes, we must look to new models for understanding contemporary performance practice.
Sounds like it will be a fascinating pilot program.  I'm sure a lot of theaters, festivals, and institutions with performing arts programs would benefit from the training.  For more information, check out the full Culturebot interview with Sam Miller, or visit the ICPP website

And if you're really interested, applications are due by February 1, 2011.

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