Pina Bausch in 3-D!

Dec 25, 2010

Just before her death, dance theater great Pina Bausch was working with filmmaker Wim Wenders on a groundbreaking dance-on-camera project that was to be shot in 3-D. Her sudden passing in 2009 threw the entire project into turmoil.  Fortunately, Wenders continued on and we're getting our first glimpses of it via a recently released trailer clip.

Simply titled Pina, it is being billed as "a film for Pina Bausch" with the tag line, "dance, dance, otherwise we are lost." The 94 second trailer is stunning but we'll have to wait until it's world premier in 2011 at the Berlin Film Festival  to see it in all it's 3-D glory.

This is certainly not the first film featuring the work of Pina Bausch and company, however it is the first and only in 3-D.  Apparently Bausch and Wenders conceived of the film being in 3-D from the start.  Wenders has made some pretty bold statements (see above interview clip) about 3-D having the potential to revolutionize documentary film and he's not alone.  It would be interesting to see if the same sentiments exist amongst those of us in the performing arts who do performance for the camera (dance on camera, performance documentation, live simulcasting, etc.) ...

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