Featured Artist: The Large Hadron Collider

Feb 8, 2011

The Large Hadron Collider is the world's most massive science experiment ever created.  The 17-mile long subatomic particle accelerator runs in a loop underneath France and Switzerland and is capable of colliding tiny bits of matter at speeds approaching that of light. It made a lot of news when it first went into operation last year, but lately the folks at CERN are getting attention for more than just their science.  For whatever reason, the LHC seems to inspire the musical imaginations of it's scientists.  Here are a collection of some of the best (and oddest) musical artifacts from them:

YouTube: Large Hadron Rap
Rappin' about CERN's Large Hadron Collide

NPR: Particle Pings: Sounds Of The Large Hadron Collider
January 2, 2011

Deep beneath the border of France and Switzerland, the world's most massive physics machine is sending subatomic particles smashing into each other at speeds nearing the speed of light. Physicists working with the 17-mile-long Large Hadron Collider hope it will help solve some of the universe's mysteries.

But first, researchers must overcome two very mundane hurdles: how to handle all of the data the LHC generates, and how to get non-scientists to care.

One physicist has a novel way to solve both problems: sound.

Listen to the whole radio program here on NPR.org.

YouTube: The ATLAS Boogie
The "Canettes Blues Band" performs an original piece about the ATLAS Experiment.

NME: Particle Physics? It's The New Rock'n'Roll
By Luke Lewis
Posted on 15/12/10

If you’ve shuffled around HMV lately you’ll know that groups assembled from real-life professionals are 'in' this year. The Soldiers – a singing trio made up of actual squaddies who’ve all served in Iraq – sold 600,000 copies of their debut album and are threatening to release a follow-up. An order of Benedictine nuns just signed a record deal with Lady Gaga’s label. Then of course there’s Brother, who all man the dodgems at Chessington.

But singing scientists? Is that a thing? It hasn’t been until now - unless Stephen Hawking appeared on T4 On The Beach and I missed it. But that’s all changed thanks to a team of megaminds working on the Atlas Experiment – part of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland, aka the biggest and most expensive science experiment on the planet - who’ve just released an album, ‘Resonance’...

Read the whole article on NME.com.

And here's a musical physicist of a previous generation, the late and great Richard Feynman on his infamous bongo drums:

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