The Makeup of Taylor Mac

Feb 23, 2013

An interview with performer Taylor Mac posted here some time ago generated a lot of interest. Here's a follow-up visit, backstage before a performance of The Good Person of Szechuan, a Foundry Theater production at La Mama in NY. Watch Taylor Mac put on his makeup and share his thoughts:

"I see some of those musicals on Broadway, & I think, this is some serious avant garde performance, you know?...Mama Mia is stranger than anything that has happened at La Mama in forty years. That is some serious weird stuff. Or Death of a Salesman, that is avant garde. Or realism, kitchen sink drama, that is the new, because it's only been around for  a hundred years, while all this stuff that's going on at La Mama has been going on for centuries...."

Watch it all.

Photos by Pavel Antonov

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