Featured Artists: KarmetiK Machine Orchestra

May 7, 2010

Update: Machine Orchestra in the media: CNET, "Robot orchestra to rock world music in L.A."

Global music forms meet the digital surge of the 21st century as the KarmetiK Machine Orchestra, directed by Ajay Kapur, convenes international lineups of musicmakers, engineers and digital artists who use custom-built robotic instruments and new and expressive interfaces in live music performance. Their one-of-a-kind performances feature new compositions melding musical tradition with modern engineering.

KarmetiK Machine Orchestra Live at REDCAT from KarmetiK on Vimeo.

The Machine Orchestra brings together custom-built robotic musical instruments and human performers with modified instruments, unique musical interfaces, and hemispherical speaker-pods. The ensemble combines KarmetiK's international lineup of artists and musicians with students in the Music Technology program at the California Institute of the Arts.  The work not only presents new models for music making but also new models of collaboration between musicians, engineers, and theater artists within educational and professional contexts.

KarmetiK Machine Orchestra - REDCAT Preview from KarmetiK on Vimeo.

In an acclaimed inaugural performance, The Machine Orchestra premiered on January 27th at the REDCAT theater in downtown Los Angeles, co-directed by music supervisor Ajay Kapur and production designer Michael Darling. The ensemble lineup of the premiere performance included:  Ajay Kapur,  Curis Bahn,  Aashish Khan,  Nyoman Wenten,  Perry Cook,  Carl Burgin,  Dimitri Diakopoulos,  Jordan Hochenbaum,  Jim Murphy,  Owen Vallis,  Meason Wiley, and Tyler Yamin.

Photo by Steven A. Gunther

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