Business Bootcamp for Artist: Oakland

May 8, 2010

So you're an artist.  You finally emerged after years of artistic exploration and honing of your craft (perhaps saddled with some major debt after one or more residencies at institutions of higher learning).  You're starting to have some success getting jobs or presenting your work, however each step forward is met with an unfamiliar three letter term such as IRS, DBA, LLC, IRA, or TAX. 

If you find yourself in this situation and happen to be in the Bay Area, check out the "Business of Art Bootcamp" workshop.  Organized by the Center for Cultural Innovation, it's one of several classes and workshops they offer to artists to develop the financial and administrative side of their practice. 

The Business of Art Boot Camp is an intensive workshop program focusing on key subjects for individual artists who want to increase their business skills. With an emphasis on three core subjects: Personal Goal Setting and Values, Marketing and Grantwriting, the Business of Art Boot Camp will provide students with knowledge, tools and resources to help them support further career development.

The Boot Camp also includes a summary session that highlights key concepts in strategic planning, legal issues, money management and alternative financing options. All Boot Camp students receive a complimentary copy of CCI's newest publication, The Business of Art: An Artists Guide to Profitable Self-Employment.

CCI 's Trainers are well known business leaders with expertise in both the arts and corporate sectors. Each has extensive experience in their field of interest and brings an understanding of the unique needs of individual artists to the process.  Check out their website for more info. 

If you're not in California, what business for artists resources are available in your region?  Let us know by posting a comment and we'll collect the resources and re-post at a later date.

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