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May 13, 2010

An essential tool for any artist these days is a website to exhibit their work, promote upcoming events, and socialize.  With so many free online tools now that handle one piece of this pie (blogs, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) the landing page concept could serve the web needs for many artists.

The genius of the landing page is that it is a micro-site that aggregates the various sources of info into a personalized "homepage" about you.  And instead of spending a lot of time and money building out a "website," you use one of their templates and feed in all your content that lives on other existing sites.

Andrea Allen
Photo: Andrea Allen

Lifehacker recently posted a great review of various landing page tools and the one that clearly stands out is   The interface for laying out the page is elegant and easy to use and puts a central strong image at the core of the page's design and personality.

Sean Jackson
Photo: Sean Jackson

What's great about is that it can be super minimal or have multiple sections and feel more like a full blog or website. Check out their directory for many great examples of what a landing page can look like. 

Have a landing page of your own?  Share the link with us in the comments section below and tell us how it's worked out for you.

Photo: Steph Goralnick

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