American Composers Forum's Diversity Programming

Jul 5, 2010


The American Composer Forum enriches lives by nurturing the creative spirit of composers and communities. They offer a number of programs that harness the power of music and the power of this nation's diversity. Below you will find information on two such programs:

Faith Partners
First Nations Composer Initiative

Faith Partners
This nationally recognized composer-in-residence program allows a composer to work with a few congregations, helping to bring personal meaning and an interfaith perspective to each community.

For more information, contact Craig Carnahan, Vice President of Programs

First Nations Composer Initiative

First Nations Composer Initiative (FNCI pronounced "fancy") is dedicated to the encouragement and propagation of American Indian music and musical traditions in all its forms by increasing the appreciation, understanding, and facilitation of Native American music for future generations of Native Americans and for the enjoyment of audiences everywhere and in all media. One of its programs is COMMON GROUND, which is a re-granting program, in part funded by the Ford Foundation's IllumiNation grant program.

The goal of COMMON GROUND is to support activities that boost indigenous creative musicians, such as commissions, residencies, performance, study, travel, outreach and production. Individual awards range from $500 t0 $7,500. Grants are designed to give an immediate financial boost to composers, performers, and other makers of new music at a time when this help would have a significant career-enhancing effect. Deadlines are October 1st and April 1st.

For more information, contact Jewell Arcoren, FNCI Program Coordinator. 

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