Dance and Diversity Backstage

Aug 8, 2010

Ebonie C. Pittman, Arts Program Associate for The Wallace Foundation, studies the recruitment, retention, and career and professional development of people of color in middle- and senior-level management positions in New York City-based dance companies.

"Diversity in the Back Office: A Must for Sustainability"

Publised in the Dance/USA Journal, Spring 2010

"Recruitment, Retention, and Development of People of Color in Middle and Senior Level Management Positions in New York City-Based Dance Companies"

Masters of Arts Thesis, Faculty of Teachers College, Columbia University, 2008

Tags: affirmative action, ageism, arts administration, attrition, ballet, bias, Broadway, career, career development, choreographer, classical ballet, colorblind, community outreach, compensation, creativity, cultural differences, culturally-specific, cultural traits, dance, dance/usa, dance/nyc, discrimination, diversity, elite, employee, employee performance, equal employment opportunity, ethnic, exclusion, executive, executive management, exempt, folk dance, higher education, human resource, inclusion, inclusive, inequality, inequity, innovation, internship, jazz, job satisfaction, League of American Orchestras, management, media, melting pot, mentor, middle management, minority, mission statement, modern dance, multiculturalism, multi-racial, museums, music, National Endowment for the Arts, national origin, New York City, non-exempt, opera, OPERA America, organizational commitment, people of color, photography, policies, professional advancement, professional development, programming, race, racial, racism, recruitment, retention, reverse racism, senior management, sexism, skill, stereotype, student, tap, technology, theater, Theatre Communications Group, traditional dance, training, turnover, workforce diversity, vision statement

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