Measuring Diversity in Nonprofit Sector

Aug 10, 2010

The Racial Diversity Collaborative is comprised of a group of nonprofit leaders within the Baltimore-Washington region that together work to support and expand the number of leaders of color in significant nonprofit leadership positions throughout the region.

Among the Collaborative's first projects was a study with
The Urban Institute, Measuring Racial-Ethnic Diversity in the Baltimore-Washington Region's Nonprofit Sector. Findings related to the arts include:


"Arts organizations are least likely to have an executive director of color. Only 10 percent of these organizations are led by a person of color."

Governing Boards

"Nonprofit arts organizations have the least diverse boards. Most board members are non-Hispanic whites; only 13% of board positions, on average, are filled by people of color."


"Nonprofits in the arts and educational fields generally have less than half their paid staff from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Twenty-seven percent of staff in arts organizations are people of color, as are 37 percent of those in educational nonprofits."


"There is no clear pattern related to which types of nonprofits have diversity policies. Staff diversity policies are most common in human service (43 percent) and arts (40 percent) organizations."