Chronicle of Philanthropy Surveys Are Revealing

Oct 4, 2010


The September 9, 2010 issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy featured a pull-out section entitled "Achieving Diversity at Nonprofit Organizations."

Highlights include:
Three out of every four development jobs are held by females.
Only 51.5% of top fund raisers at Philanthropy 400 organizations are women.
6.9% of the chief fund raisers at Philanthropy 400 organizations are non-white.
Among the five arts and culture organizations surveyed, top fundraisers are one man, four women, yet no non-white development leaders.

Articles in this section include:
"Attracting Minorities to Fund Raising Takes Education and Mentors" by Heather Joslyn
"Female Fund Raisers Fare Better in Some Parts of the Nonprofit World, Chronicle Study Finds" by Heather Joslyn
"In a Bad Economy, More Charities Find Workers With Rich Bilingual Skills" by Maureen West
"A Program Seeks to Smooth the Path for Diverse Foundation Managers" by Michael Anft
"At Grant-Making Organizations Diversity Needs to Start at the Top" by John Morning and Anthony Tansimore

In March 2008, The Chronicle released a report, "The Young and the Restless" by Sam Kean and Suzanne Perry, that underscored how challenging it will be to recruit people to run nonprofit groups in coming decades. 

Highlights include:
One in three young nonprofit workers aspires te become an executive director
Only about half of current workers definitely want to continue working at a nonprofit

A related-transcript, "Philanthropy's Leadership Gap" features Caroline McAndrews and Regina Dull.

Other diversity-related articles published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy in recent years include:

"Foundations Lack Board Diversity, Says Report" by Ian Wilhelm (May 20, 2009)
Foundations are failing to recruit diverse board leadership, with Hispanics being the most under represented.
"Shaking Up Journalism and Philanthropy" - Transcript with Alberto Ibarguen and David Sasaki (July 30, 2009)
This transcript looks at the future of philanthropy and the Knight Foundation's other efforts to support arts, culture, and community development.
"A Man's World" by Heather Joslyn (September 17, 2009)
A Chronicle survey finds large nonprofits are overwhelmingly run by white males.
"The Changing Faces of America's Donors" - Transcript with John W. Jensen and James Chung (April 22, 2008)
Should you believe the hype about the predicted transfer of wealth as members of the World War II and baby boomer generations die?
"Recruiting Minorities to Volunteer" - Transcript with Sandra Delgado Searle and Margarita Rodriguez-Corriere (September 16, 2008)
What are nonprofit groups doing to recruit a more diverse mix of volunteers?
"Missing Persons" by Jennifer C. Berkshire (September 18, 2008) 
Why do so few black men hold leadership jobs at nonprofit groups? 
"A Push for Diversity" - A Transcript with Michael Watson (January 22, 2007)
This transcript shares specific steps nonprofit organizations take to recruit and retain minority workers.
"Achieving Diversity at Nonprofit Organizations" - Transcript with Renee Branch, Paul Schmitz (October 15, 2007)
Experts discusses what the nonprofit world is doing -- and should be doing -- to make itself more reflective of the people it serves.

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