OPERA America Acknowledges (and is Acknowledged for) Diversity

Oct 31, 2010


In 2006 the National MultiCultural Institute awarded OPERA America a Leading Lights Diversity Award for Diverse Voices, OPERA America's 2005 annual conference, which provided a forum for a national dialogue for the opera community to promote and value diversity in the performing arts and encourage outreach to culturally diverse communities.

OPERA America has reciprocated this recognition by actively showcasing multicultural artists and opera companies that have innovative diversity initiatives and/or have commissioned culturally-specific operas. These individuals and organizations have been featured at conferences, in articles, and through awards program, including the NEA's Opera Honors. 


"Embracing Diversity -- An Ongoing Journey"
"OPERA America Celebrates 40 Years"


Martina Arroyo - Opera Honors recipient
Angela Brown - "Opera from a Sistah's Point of View"
Daniel Catán - "Composing Opera: A Backstage Visit to the Composer’s Workshop"
Osvaldo Golijav - Conference Keynote Speaker
Lotfi Mansouri - Opera Honors recipient
Leontyne Price - Opera Honors recipient

Eve Queler - Opera Honors recipient


Houston Grand Opera
"We're Celebrating People's Journey's in Life, as Well as Their Cultural Identity"

Highlights information about HGOco, an initiative to provide opportunities for observation, enjoyment, and participation in creation of art for the Houston community, and Song of Houston, one of HGOco's projects.

"Weaving a Universal Song from Specific Stories"
"If we try to justify our investment in HGOco in that way we fail. There are more effective ways to generate new ticket buyers. This investment has to do with redefining why we exist. To be relevant to our multi-cultural city, we must do more than put on great performances in our opera house," Anthony Freud in an interview talking about HGOco and its various initiatves.

Opera Colorado

OPERA America presented Opera Colorado with a Bravo Diversity Award for its state-wide tour of La Curandera, a bilingual family opera

Opera Company of Philadelphia

OCP received a Bravo Diversity Award from opera primarily for its education and outreach activities surrounding Margaret Garner.

Plus OPERA America's education department
has recognized the following company multicultural endeavors:

Cincinnati Opera

Featured three times for commissions honoring African Americans:Rise for Freedom: The John P. Parker Story;This Little Light of Mine, which commemorates Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price; and Oh Freedom!, which is a musical tribute to African American history.

Colored American Opera Company

Highlighted for this opera company's founding as the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted.

Des Moines Metro Opera

Looked at the premiere of A Dream Fulfilled: The Saga of George Washington Carver.

Kentucky Opera

Recognized Chorus of Hope, a work commissioned to honor Barack Obama.

Mobile Opera

Showcased I Sing America, which traces African American's musical culture.


Pensacola Opera

Acknowledged its African American Heritage Music Program.


"The Hispanic Singing Tradition"
Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by outlining important Hispanic and Latino singers

"Then and Now: African-American Singers"
Honors Black History Month by looking at the challenges and opportunities of African-American opera singers



On Board Leadership - "Sarbanes-Oxley: It's a New World"
On Generational Issues - "Bridging the Generational Gap"
On Next Generation of Leaders - Leadership Advance
On Diversity of opera within One Community - Philadelphia Project

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