BoardSource Releases Updated Board Demographics

Nov 26, 2010

BoardSource releases the 2010 Nonprofit Governance Index. Since BoardSource began collecting data on governance in 1994, growing attention has been paid to good board policies and practices, especially in the last decade. The BoardSource Nonprofit Governance Index 2010 is a rare opportunity to peer behind the curtains of boardrooms across the United States and listen to a variety of voices from 1,758 nonprofit leaders as they share their experience and perspectives on organizational challenges, governance practices, and board performance.

There is a chapter on "Board Composition and Recruitment," which features demographic information on diversity and inclusion practices as well as information on board recruitment techniques. Highlights of the data include:


"Boards remain predominantly Caucasian with a small increase in the proportion of people of color (16% in 2010 compared to 14% in 2007."

"Board are getting slightly younger... Compared to 2007, the proportion of 50 - 64 year olds has declined by 5%, while that of those 30 - 40 years old has increased by 6%."

"The percentage of women on boards has increased by 5% since 2007."


"71% of chief executives said a more-diverse board would increase their ability to aachieve their mission, but only 20% of board have reached consensus to a great extent about the value of expanding board diversity."

"Chief executives rank board composition and diversity fourth among areas in need of board improvement."

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