Why Most Corporate Diversity Programs Are Wrong-Headed

Jun 9, 2011

"Why Most Corporate Diversity Programs Are Wrong-Headed"

Feb. 21 2011
By Glenn Llopis
"The Immigrant's Perspective"

"The goal of most corporate diversity programs is simple: to increase the percentages of certain minorities in the overall employee pool to mirror the country as a whole.  It’s a misguided approach, even when it comes with programs designed to help retain minorities that have been hired.

"It’s misguided because it comes with an assumption that the potential employee must change to fit into the current workplace culture. . . the company should be asking, how do we need to change to make our workplace one that actually embraces diversity in approach, in culture, and in opportunity?"

This article offers values that represent the new type of employee essential for companies to survive and thrive by embracing innovation through diversity.