Language versus Identity

Jun 9, 2011

"Canadians rarely say bad things, but what are we thinking?"

The Globe and Mail

by Diane Jermyn
Feb. 20, 2011

“'Am I allowed to say that?' ... 'I thought it was a bad word.'

"Everybody’s worried about using the wrong words. It can potentially become a barrier to discussing the underlying issues.

"The focus [should be about] becoming one of inclusion, rather than diversity, which emphasizes differences. It’s more about accepting that we are all different. It’s also about developing awareness of our unconscious biases, a minefield when it comes to discrimination in the workplace."

This article looks at language that is (and isn't) politically correct, and how to keep up with terminology changes.

The article refers to a "10-minute online Harvard survey" that one of the teachers uses to help students understand biases. Learn more about Project Implicit, developed by Mahzarin Banaji and her colleagues at Harvard University.