Class remains a divider among Foundation... and Nonprofits

Jun 18, 2011

"Foundation Boards Shouldn’t Be Filled Just With Wealthy People"
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
June 1, 2011
By Pablo Eisenberg

"In recent years the United States has developed into an increasingly pronounced class society. We see it in the growing inequality of income and wealth; we witness it in the expansion of corporate power and influence at a time when blue-collar job status is on the decline; and we view it in the daily depiction of our lives on our television screens.

"Nowhere are class divisions more visible than in the most elite of American institutions, the philanthropic foundations. The last vestige of royalty in America, their boards are composed almost entirely of wealthy and highly paid people who increasingly determine our country’s economy, public policies, values, and social practices. With few exceptions, they exclude the diverse faces that make up today’s America." More...