Michael Kaiser on Diversity

Apr 27, 2010

President of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Michael Kaiser's blog through The Huffington Post features a few postings on diversity:

Our Annual Symposium for Arts Organizations of Color
"Every March, a group of executives from 30 arts organizations of color gather at the Kennedy Center for an annual symposium. . . While the average white organization will raise some 60% of its donations from individuals, African American, Latino and Asian American organizations typically raise less than 10% from individuals. As a result, their budgets are limited to what can be raised from foundations and government agencies and a few corporations." The focus on this year's meeting was on the role of the Board as fundraisers. Read more.

Questions of Diversity
"I have been spending a great deal of time thinking about the issue of diversity in the arts, specifically, the drive to diversify the programming and constituents of all arts organizations.

"The more I consider this thorny issue, the less I am convinced that the arts world has worked hard enough to dissect the true costs, benefits and implications of recent diversity efforts." This blog posting posits whether or not it is valuable to force "Eurocentric arts organizations to do diverse works or to put one minority on a board." Read more.