International Hispanic Theatre Festival Showcases Diversity

Jul 10, 2011

"Accent on Chile"
by Christine Dolen
The Miami Herald; July 3, 2011

"As it has for the past few summers, Miami’s International Hispanic Theatre Festival is anchoring its celebration of theater from the Spanish-speaking world with a tribute to one of the participating countries. This year, for the festival’s 26th edition, that country is Chile.

"Mario Ernesto Sánchez, artistic director of Miami’s Teatro Avante and the festival’s driving force for all these years, nearly gushes when he talks about theater in that South American country.

"'I go to Santiago a Mil festival in January, and their theaters are full of young people,' Sánchez says. 'I feel that, should theater die one day, Chile will be the last country where that happens. They’re building new audiences. They’re experimenting and creating. Out of that come good plays, playwrights and actors.'” More