Performance Management for Inclusion

Jul 13, 2011

Performance Management for Inclusion
by Marie Y. Philippe, PhD
Profiles in Diversity Journal; July 1, 2011

"One Size does not fit all in performance management if you want to maintain a productive diverse workforce. companies tend to performance-manage to the two tails of employees’ performance bell curves. Either employees get lots of attention because they are non-performers and in need of performance improvement plans or because they are identified as having high potential for career growth. Those in the middle, the majority, tend to receive little to no attention. If your company desires to either move many of the minority employees from the belly of the curve to the high performance end or from low to acceptable performance, differences in managing their performance may be worth considering.

"When analyzing determinants for successful performance management, a recurrence of primarily five factors seems to negatively impact the performance of minority groups’ employees." More...