Apr 28, 2010

"Everyone has read or heard about the changes in the demographics of this country. . .  It is estimated that by the year 2050, one in three Americans will be Black, Hispanic, or Asian. The disabled population is currently the largest minority, with more than 45 million people in this category. . . Spending power of the minority population of this country equals the gross national product of Canada, and minority markets buy more than any U.S. trading partner. A diverse population is here to stay, and that diversity creates new partners in every facet of American life. These partnerships include the performing arts, where opportunities for participation exist throughout the field. Theatres are beginning to reflect the diversity of their communities among their actors, managers, staff, volunteers, and boards of trustees."
"Directing Diversity" offers steps to effectively broadening board representation. The article appeared in Theatre Communications Group Centerpiece 2000 and is written by Gwen Cochran Hadden, who is President of Cochran Hadden Royston Associates, a performing arts consulting firm, and has served on the American Symphony Orchestra League’s Board of Directors.

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