Increasing Your Share of a Culturally Diverse Audience

Sep 3, 2011

"Increasing Your Share of a Culturally Diverse Audience"
by Leah Smiley, Founder and Executive Director, The Society for Diversity
Franchising World June Edition
International Franchise Association

"Diversity is not about race—it is about doing business better."

"Diversification strategies can be applied to every industry, whether for-profit, nonprofit or educational."

This article posits that "global expansion is a business imperative." Change the words "corporate," "global" and "market share" to "nonprofit," "local" and "audience share," and "Increasing Your Share of a Culturally Diverse Audience" becomes relevant to the performing arts. "There are three easy steps that you can apply today to increase your share of the culturally diverse marketplace."

Evaluate customer trends
Implement a diversification strategy
Hire a chief diversity officer

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