Past as Prologue: Dreams of An Ideal Theatre

Oct 8, 2011

"We make one world from the stories of many different worlds. Multiculturalism, or whatever you call it, didn’t begin in the 1980s, though we sometimes behave as if it did. Hull-House reminds us that ethnic, racial and cultural diversity is, in fact, our theatre’s foundation. Diversity was, simply, our field’s originating premise."

  - Todd London

Todd London, author of the forthcoming TCG Book, An Ideal Theatre: Visions That Built an American Art and artistic director New Dramatists, spoke at TCG's 2011 National Conference. His presentation - Past as Prologue: Dreams of An Ideal Theatre - explored questions that shaped the founding visions of the theatre field, which find visions we still celebrate and struggle with today:


What does it mean to make theatre in so broad and diverse a country?

  • How do theatres help shape communities and cultural identity?

  • What does professionalism give us and what does it sometimes sacrifice?

  • What is the genius of the individual artist, and what is the genius of the group?

  • How does theatre help build a democracy?

  • Where does idealism live?

This session celebrates the people who came before us, the people who led us here. It’s a look backward, toward the future.

Click for transcript of this plenary.

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