Charm Ladonna Overcomes Adversity and Now Gives Back

Oct 21, 2011

AT&T and Dancing With The Stars have partnered to bring inspiring stories of people whose lives have been changed by dance. 

Charm Ladonna's natural ability to dance was recognized at a very young age. Unfortunately, her family was unable to afford dance lessons so Charm's mother worked a second job just to pay for classes. With hard work and her mother's support, Charm danced to stay positive and focused through a rough upbringing in one of Compton's toughest neighborhoods. Growing up without a dad, Charm became very close to her older brother. At the age of 12, Charm's life was thrown into an emotional tail spin when she learned that her brother was sentenced to life in prison. Relying on dance, once again she was able to work through hard times.

At 18, Charm Ladonna got her big break, after an intense audition process she was selected to go on tour with the legendary Madonna. Charm used the money she made from the tour to pay for her education at UCLA. Now a professional dancer on tour with the Black Eyed Peas, Charm has chosen to give back to the community. She teaches dance to underprivileged kids at her childhood elementary school. Through sharing her own life experience, Charm wants the kids in her community to know that they can also overcome adversity by believing in themselves and following their dreams!


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